Vegan ‘fried chicken’ shop divides opinion in London

East London seems to be the number one destination for pop-up shops and novelty restaurants, but it may have reached peak-hipster after a vegan ‘chicken shop’ opened its doors in Hackney this week. Read Full Article at

Britain now at ‘greater risk of terrorist attack than 6yrs ago’

The growing number of jihadists returning to the UK from Syria means Britain is now at greater risk of suffering a terrorist attack than it was six years ago, the government’s independent reviewer of terror legislation, David Anderson QC, has warned. Read Full Article at

LGBT 'dance party' protesters march to DC home of VP-elect Mike Pence (VIDEOS)

In celebratory fashion, LGBT activists marched in protest to Vice President-elect Mike Pence's home in Washington, DC. Condemning the former Indiana governor's positions on marriage equality and religious freedom, the "gay dance party" crowd poured into the streets, where they were escorted by police. Read Full Article at

Marine Le Pen is now leading among French voters – poll

French presidential candidate and leader of the right-wing National Front party Marine Le Pen is gaining more support, leading with 25 to 26 percent of the vote, according to the latest Ipsos Sopra Steria survey, carried out for Cevipof and Le Monde. Read Full Article at

Pride Toronto votes to ban police from this year's parade

Pride Toronto members have placed an outright ban on police participating in this year's parade. The decision was taken at Tuesday night's AGM, following a list of demands put forward by Black Lives Matter (BLM). Read Full Article at

'Any means necessary'- Indiana proposal seeks to chill protest

An Indiana Senate bill would require public officials to immediately dispatch "all available law enforcement" to clear a traffic blockade involving at least 10 people "by any means necessary." Opponents call it the "block traffic and you die" bill. Read Full Article at

Facebook blocks RT from posting until after Trump inauguration

RT has been blocked from posting content to its Facebook page. The ban, according to the Facebook bot, will last until Saturday 10:55pm Moscow time (2:55pm EST) and will extend across US president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. Read Full Article at

Earth's hottest year- 2016 sets sizzling new record

Average global temperatures hit all-time highs for the third consecutive year in 2016 according to US government agencies. In the United States, 2016 was the second-hottest year on record. Read Full Article at

Mexico extradites notorious drug lord El Chapo to US

Infamous Mexican drug lord, Joaquin Guzman - better known as El Chapo - has been denied protection under his country’s laws and will be extradited to the United States, the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs has announced. Read Full Article at

UFO sightings & psychic powers revealed in newly released CIA docs

There’s no shortage of intrigue amidst the CIA’s newly released archive of nearly 13 million pages of declassified records. Some of the more peculiar revelations detail the handling of UFO sightings and the potential weaponization of psychic powers. Read Full Article at

Robotic parking garage opens in China (VIDEO)

Searching for a parking space could soon be a thing of the past, at least for the people of Nanjing, China, after one of the city’s subway stations revealed a robotic parking garage. Read Full Article at

Paul McCartney sues Sony to regain copyright to Beatles' songs

Former Beatle Paul McCartney has filed a lawsuit against Sony/ATV Music Publishing hoping to recover the rights to some of his songs he wrote with John Lennon. They include Beatles classics like Across the Universe, Love Me Do, and I Want to Hold Your Hand. Read Full Article at

George Soros lashes out at Trump and his ‘self-contradictory’ ideas

The gray eminence of US politics, billionaire financier George Soros, criticized President-elect Donald Trump, calling him a con man and would-be dictator. A supporter of liberal causes, Soros donated generously to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Read Full Article at

Former US president George H. W. Bush in intensive care

Former President George H.W. Bush was admitted Wednesday to the intensive care unit of a Houston hospital with pneumonia, and his wife, Barbara, was hospitalized as a precaution after suffering fatigue and coughing, a spokesman said.

EU papers react with fury to Theresa May’s Brexit speech

The European press was not exactly pleased with UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s big Brexit speech on Tuesday, with some of the continent’s largest papers calling her strategy “shameful,” “hostile,” and “dangerous.” Read Full Article at

Soros teaming up with MasterCard to help refugees

Billionaire investor George Soros and global payments company MasterCard are planning to create a social enterprise to help refugees and migrants, as well as others struggling within their communities all over the world. Read Full Article at

Russian court rejects ECHR order on $2bn Yukos compensation

Russia’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decision to order compensation of over $2 billion to former Yukos shareholders violates the Russian constitution and cannot be executed. Read Full Article at

Jewish centers in cities across US receive bomb threats

Bomb threats have been reported at 16 Jewish centers in nine US states. Several Jewish Community Centers (JCC) have been evacuated after receiving near-simultaneous bomb threats, according to local reports. Read Full Article at